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Torrey Higgins |MSN, NP
What would you like to book?
Sculptra(60 Min.)
Microneedling w/ Radiofrequency (Morpheus8)- Face(60 Min.)
Microneedling w/ Radiofrequency (Morpheus8)- Face and Neck(60 Min.)
IPL - Face(45 Min.)
IPL - Chest(45 Min.)
IPL - Face, Neck, and Chest(75 Min.)
In Person Consultation(30 Min.)
Unsure of where to start? Book an in person consultation if you need more information or simply want to get to know me and my practice before scheduling. No treatment this day, but you will get a customized treat plan.
Botox, Dysport or Xeomin(30 Min.)
Botox, Dysport or Xeomin for fine lines.
Lip Flip w/ Botox(10 Min.)
Dermal Filler(60 Min.)
Torrey will be happy to consult with you to achieve your best outcome with filler. Treatment will follow after further discussion.
Filler Correction - Hyaluronidase / Hylenex(30 Min.)
Kybella(30 Min.)
Microneedling(60 Min.)
Microneedling with PRF(90 Min.)
Microneedling with PRF
PRF Hair Restoration(60 Min.)