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Alicia Micaletti |RN
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Dermaplaning(60 Min.)
Botox, Dysport or Xeomin(30 Min.)
Dermal Fillers - Lips/mouth area(60 Min.)
Dermal Fillers - Structural contouring (cheeks, chin, jawline)(90 Min.)
Dermal Fillers - not sure what I need/want(75 Min.)
Kybella(45 Min.)
Microneedling(45 Min.)
Microneedling with HA(45 Min.)
PRF Microneedling/Injection(60 Min.)
PRF Hair Restoration(45 Min.)
B12 Injection(10 Min.)
Chemical Peel - ViPeel, Rejuvenize, Illuminize(45 Min.)
QWO - Cellulite Injection(45 Min.)
Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift(90 Min.)
Filler Correction - Hyaluronidase / Hylenex(30 Min.)
Consultation with Botox Treatment(45 Min.)
Consultation with Dermal Filler Treatment(75 Min.)
Patient Follow-up(15 Min.)
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